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Time Tips: Vocals Setup

Time is a precious thing in the studio, and by recording your vocal doubles to the lead track, you skip out on lining up unnecessary doubles. Don't just track 5 vocal takes and hope they line up. Let me show you two ways to improve your tracking & editing time.

  1. Often times when I'm tracking with a vocalist, especially in hip hop where I want the vocals to feel tight with the doubles, I give them three to four takes. Then we go through the takes, pick the best one, and have it be the lead. From there, we will track the vocal doubles. That way the vocalist can follow the lead vocal as close as possible, rather than deviating from what that lead is doing. In the example of hip-hop, sometimes in each take, the vocalist could deliver a different rhythm or pace. To maintain tightness, you are going to want to make sure you decide with the lead what rhythm and pace you like so you can record your doubles following that pace. 
  2. There's a lot of value by giving yourself three to...
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