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Avoid Fake Sounding Audio

When we capture sound, we always to get the best, most clean signal possible. That is why we like to use lav microphones (The microphones that clip on to people's shirts). The signal from a lav is usually really clean and present because it's right against the talent's chest. It's not picking up a lot of room or ambience around them. That's a good thing is it not? The cleaner the better. Get rid of all the room tone that could pick up on the microphone, then you don't have to deal with all the nasty reverb in post. It sounds great in writing, but surprisingly, being super "clean" and dry doesn't always make something sound better. 
You see, acoustics are part of the way we hear things. It's how we identify sounds in our everyday life. We don't hear things perfectly clean because of all the distracting elements going on around us (traffic, planes, air conditioners, children screaming). Luckily, our brains are smart enough to tune those things out....
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Triple your Mic Locker without Tripling your Budget

Today I want to help you double or even triple your current mic locker for free. Check this out.

For years I thought that by building my microphone locker I’d be able to achieve dozens of different tones and get different sounds out of my instruments, which is completely true. I found myself on a microphone shopping spree. I just wanted to grow my mic locker as big as possible. As I continued, I noticed that I never had the chance of learning what each mic could do, only what they couldn’t.

There lies the key to doubling or tripling your mic locker: LEARN your microphones. Before you get mad at me and say that’s cheating, think about this.

Different Microphones have different pickup patterns. Understanding your microphones pickup patterns will change the way you record in two ways;

  1. It will help you understand where it is capturing different frequencies. Simply turning the microphone one inch, you can dramatically change the tone and sound of the source audio....
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