The Filmmaker's Guide to Audio

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I want to help you as a filmmaker to improve your audio. I've spent the last few years putting together a free training for filmmakers to do just that. In this training, I walk through the 6 most common audio mistakes I see filmmakers making, as well as solutions to those mistakes. Sound is 50% of your film and I want to help you make it the best it can be.




Imagine making pro-level mixes in half the time. With a growing database of over 160+ videos teaching out of multiple DAWs, the Music Producer's Suite from That Audio Guy is the easiest, most comprehensive source on the internet to help you achieve that "pro" sound with your production and mixes. We'll even teach you how to turn your passion for music into a successful business. 

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Quality audio and sound is a very important part of good filmmaking. Trying to achieve Hollywood-level audio quality when you’re a one-man team could be disastrous and really put a dent in the value of your production. That’s exactly why I created The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio. Because I wanted to create a solution to help YOU as a filmmaker finally understand audio.

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"I absolutely love the way that the courses on That Audio Guy are structured. It takes what seems like an overwhelming amount of information at first, and breaks it down into smaller manageable sections. This course has done so much for me and I'm very impressed with how it has been put together."

Cole Rolland

"Finally! The world has been waiting for a product like this. I've spent 5 years and thousands and thousands of dollars going to school for audio recording and production, and ALL of what I learned during those 5 years, plus so much more is taught in these courses. I have yet to find a product that teaches you what That Audio Guy teaches. You’ll know what makes a track sound like magic, and how to do it yourself."

Brooke M.

"…its so nice to have seemingly complicated things explained so clearly. It’s like the barriers between my ideas and having a quality finished product are starting to break down. Usually when I decide to go work on a song that has been in the works for a while, it’s kind of a discouraging feeling because I never make much progress. But. Now I have new little tips and tricks that I’m excited to try out. And that just feels…good. I guess you could say my excitement for mixing is renewed."

Alan M.

Mixing in Three Easy Steps (FREE Ebook)

After over 5 years of mixing music and audio professionally, I've distilled everything I've learned about mixing like a pro into three easy steps. In this Free ebook you'll learn my process for getting any project to sound the way that it does in your head. 


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