A Little Bit About Me

Hey guys, Brenden Bytheway, That Audio Guy. You may know me as Brendo from the band Scott & Brendo. Or the cinematic duo Bytheway-May.

I’m a songwriter, producer, mixer, engineer, and a husband and father of two beautiful boys.

I’ve been lucky to have my music featured on some of the most viral YouTube videos in the world. My mixes and songs have been heard by over 1 billion people.

My whole life, making music for a living was an unreachable fantasy. In fact, right before I started making money with music, I was working a $10 an hour job cleaning asbestos out of old buildings.

I used to struggle so much trying to learn how to mix music. I didn't even know there WAS such thing as "mixing". I just knew my songs didn't sound professional or good. I spent thousands of hours watching tutorial videos online, purchasing and consuming courses, and engaging with online communities to try and learn how to make my songs SOUND AS GOOD AS THEY DID IN MY HEAD.

As I was going through the process, I searched high and low for some sort of direction. A path. A guide. Someone to say, "Here's what I wish I'd have known when I started." I often stared at my computer screen and asked, “What should I do next? What the heck is a compressor?”

For the past few years, friends have been asking me to help them record and mix. After creating custom videos and sharing my secrets with a select few, I was encouraged by everyone who watched the videos to share them with a larger audience.

My goal is to help YOU become That Audio Guy. The guy that people call up when they have audio needs. The guy that people can trust and rely on because they know without a doubt, that you know what you're doing and will consistently deliver. I've designed That Audio Guy to be a site that you can come to for the best, most informative knowledge how to get your music to that pro level so you can have the confidence to work with big brands. 

I also know that time is money. That's why I've made sure the videos are straight to the point with only information that you need to know. The information that works. No fluff. No garbage. 

We hope you’ll join us.

To your success!

Brenden Bytheway

That Audio Guy


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