How to increase the value of your productions by improving your audio




This course is an all inclusive, take-at-your-pace, lifetime accessible resource for you to learn anything and everything audio. I'll teach you: recording, microphones, placement of microphones (including hiding lav microphones), cleaning up dirty audio like AC hum and scratchy clothes, mixing audio, mastering audio, getting your videos to the proper loudness, and of course any other questions you may have.

I'm here to help you as your mentor and guide. My goal is for you as a filmmaker is to take your productions to the next level.


Instant access to 80+ videos amounting to over 14 total hours of content. I'll show you advanced audio techniques like cleaning up scratchy lav audio or noisy camera audio. 


Student discounts on your favorite products like Adobe CC (Over 60% off regular membership!), Red Giant, Glidecam,, Soundstripe, Rhino sliders, and more!


Access to an exclusive community filled with like-minded individuals. Find answers to your questions from filmmakers just like you as well as an ever expanding database of videos. 


15 day money back guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied with the course, I'll refund 100% of your money as long as it's within 15 days of your purchase. 


  • Intro to the Course and How to Get Your Discounts
  • Microphones and What to Buy (8:08)
  • Different Types of Microphones (6:51)
  • Large Diaphragm Microphone (3:16)
  • Lavalier Microphone (7:55)
  • What is a Lav System? (4:03)
  • XY Microphone (4:30)
  • Microphone Overview (8:16)
  • Recording and Capturing Audio (6:14)
  • Speakers/Headphpones and What to Buy (14:35)
  • Audio Software (6:11)
  • What Gear do YOU Need as a Filmmaker? (3:31)
  • What Gear do We Use? (6:19)
  • Recording (6:12)
  • Recording at Healthy Levels (2:08)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (3:29)
  • Dat Reverb Doe (8:18)
  • Dealing with Wind (2:53)
  • Other Things to Know When Recording and Comfort 101 (5:46)
  • Take a Breather (1:00)
  • What is EQ? (3:18)
  • Understand EQ in Adobe Premiere (4:25)
  • General EQ Areas to Think About (10:10)
  • Dialogue EQ Areas to Think About (18:37)
  • Lav EQ Touchup (12:48)
  • What is Compression? (3:51)
  • Understanding a Compressor (10:28)
  • How a Compressor REALLY Works (12:19)
  • Other Sound Tools to Know (4:30)
  • Using a Frequency Analyzer (4:06)
  • Understanding Loudness (10:07)
  • Believability and Consistency (6:09)
  • Sound Design (7:53)
  • Cutting Music Intro (2:54)
  • Cutting Music (8:14)
  • Simple Audio Tricks to Sell Your Film (15:28)
  • Communication: Sound Mix vs. Sound Design (2:49)
  • The Mixing Cycle (17:58)
  • Balancing Music, SFX, and Dialogue (17:04)
  • Improve Your Sound with Reference Tracks (3:53)
  • Mixing Tips in the Real World (0:44)
  • Level Music with EQ and a Limiter (11:22)
  • Mixing Dialogue and Music (17:02)
  • Balancing Different Actors and Microphones (14:18)
  • Tips for VO - Gear and Touchup (10:33)
  • Catering to Multiple Devices (5:34)
  • Cleaning Less-Than-Perfect Audio Intro (2:15)
  • Lav Clothes and Scratch Clean Up (13:59)
  • Cleaning Bad Camera Audio (11:11)
  • Dealing with Clipped Audio (3:54)
  • De-Clip Distorted Audio with RX (5:23)
  • Cleaning AC/Machine Hum (3:45)
  • Getting ADR to Sit Right (16:55)
  • Cleaning the Most Insane Purple Ad (22:02)
  • Cleaning Poorly Recorded Lav Audio (16:03)
  • Creatively Thinking About Sound Design (9:28)
  • Creating Film Trailer Swells: Stacking SFX (7:36)
  • Sound Design: Cool Sword Hit (10:29)
  • Make Your Video Sound 80's (11:21)
  • Recording Foley with Practical House Items (6:10)
  • Fire & Ice Sound Design Breakdown (16:02)
  • My Workflow (45:55)
  • Real Estate (29:37)
  • Interviews (19:03)
  • Part 1 - The Wedding (9:03)
  • Part 2 - Processing in Post (41:36)
  • Part 3 - Mic up Groom Shootout (27:14)
  • Cleaning Insanely Clipped Wedding Audio (8:57)
  • Dissecting a Mixing Board with Jake Weisler (26:41)
  • Clarification on Connectors for Wedding Sound Boards/Mixers (6:51)
  • The Zoom Lens of Audio? (5:56)
  • Answering FAQs (1:13:46)
  • Quick Tips for the Zoom H6 and H4n (4:30)
  • What to do with BAD CAMERA AUDIO (21:52)
  • Shortening a Song with Long Drawn out Chords (3:18)
  • Processing Cleaned Audio (10:34)
  • Setting Levels for Sennheiser G3 Lav Packs (1:30)
  • Removing Feedback from a Wedding Vow (6:26)
  • De-Clicking Clock Jitter in iZotope RX (5:21)
  • Fixing a Song Ending Using Reverb (3:10)
  • Scanning Frequencies on Sennheiser Lav Packs (1:37)
  • Place Mics in a Car to Capture Talent Talking (1:50)
  • $88 VS $2200 Ultimate Shotgun & Lav Mic Shootout! YOU WON'T BELIEVE #7!??!! (15:38)
  • Incredible Shotgun Mic Shootout - VMP+, S Mic 2, NTG3, 416, CS3e, CMIT 5U, 641 (1:01:49)
  • Incredible Shotgun Mic Shootout RAW (29:29)
  • How to Acoustically Treat a Room for Under $1000 (19:12)
  • iZotope Music Bundle Part 1 (25:46)
  • Importing OMF Into Logic X Using Adobe Audition (2:46)



I've been working as a sound engineer and music producer for more than ten years. In that time, I've made lots of filmmaker friends, many of which operate as a one-person production. They handle everything themselves, including sound. Even if they are working with a small crew, there often aren't enough resources to hire a dedicated sound person. If you find yourself in a similar situation, The Filmmaker's Guide to Audio is for you. I'm passionate about sound and I want to help you improve.

Check out some of my work HERE




"I was Brenden's first student. In that span of time, I learned so much that it completely changed the trajectory of my life. I had a complete career change"

Doug M.



"One of the areas of post-production I knew I was lacking in was sound. I have the basic average gear, but I wanted to really make that stuff sing.... This course has been invaluable for that"

Gabe C.



"I spent close to $20k in sound gear.... and I still wasn't satisfied with my videos. Looking back, it kills me I didn't buy this course ages ago. Gear lasts at best a couple of years, but training lasts your whole life"

Robert J.



"Before taking this course I only could add sounds in my video, but now thanks to this course I can add human voice, ambient sounds, and music and I can mix all of them"






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