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Hey guys, my name is Brenden Bytheway. I’m a song writer, producer, and recording/mixing engineer. I’ve been able to have my music heard by over 1 billion people. I’ve been lucky enough to have songs featured in some of the biggest TV shows, worked with top celebrities, and some of the biggest names in the industry. I’ve produced music and done audio work for some of the world’s top brands. 

Working with these clients has taught me a lot about audio production and the music industry and I want to share the secrets i’ve learned with you. When I first started making music I had two major frustrations. First, I didn’t know how to get my songs to sound as good as they did in my head, and second, I didn’t know how to have my music heard by more than 5 people. Thats exactly why I created That Audio Guy, because I wanted to create a solution to help YOU become That Audio Guy! Sign up now and start down your path to becoming That Audio Guy.  

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  • 160+ no fluff, straight-to-the-point videos teaching you everything you need to know from getting started in your DAW to mixing and mastering your own music to get that pro-level, radio-ready sound. 
  • Videos from multiple DAWs so you don't feel restricted in your learning (Logic X, Pro Tools, Studio One, more DAWs coming soon)
  • My E-book Smart Mixing
  • Always expanding database of videos
  • Access to an exclusive online community filled with like-minded individuals

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