The Business

How would it feel to make money with your music? Here you'll find the most detailed pathway of how to start, grow, and market your business. I also show you the exact networking method I've used to get my music in front of over 1 billion people and work with top brands like Adobe, Ford, Canon, and Mattel.

want to help you make your audio career a reality. Here are some of the awesome things this course includes:

  • 4.5+ hours of amazing video content designed to teach you everything you need to know about getting your business off the ground and making you money
  • A FREE E-book The Right Way to Do Business In Audio
  • Actual email templates I've used to get the attention of big influencers
  • The networking method that got my music heard by over 1 billion people
  • How to work with a client when they have a "tight budget"

Plus so much more

See you on the other side!


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The Three P's: Purpose
Three P's: Product
Three P's: Plan
Come Up With a Name
Register Domain and Website
Register the Business
Setting Up Your Bank Account
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Retirement Plan
Stop Spending Money
Find You Find Your Audience
Set Goals: Music
Set Goals: Studio
Studio Essentials
Do the Work: Free Work
Do the Work: Hard Work
Do the Work: Network
Have Something to Offer
Don't Burn Bridges
Grow Your Network
Influencer Marketing
Get Yourself Out There
Show Up and Work Hard
Networking Never Ends
Expectations Written
Read the Contracts
Be Blunt
Say No
Don't Compromise
The Tight Budget
People Will Find the Money
Raise Your Rates with Past Clients
Partners and Bandmates
How to Set Your Rates
Perceived Value
Takes One to Know One
The Challenge

The Business

Learn how to set up your business, run it properly and get yourself out there. 

In this course I go into extreme depth and detail explaining everything you need to know to start up your business. From the different types of businesses to set up, how to deal with clients and make the money you deserve. I also teach you the exact networking method I used to get my music heard by over 1 billion people.



$379.00 USD