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The Filmmaker's Guide to Audio

    • Over 80 no-fluff, straight-to-the-point videos, amounting to over 14 total hours
    • Understanding essential audio tools so you can know how to instantly double the value of your videos
    • Advanced audio techniques including cleaning up scratchy lav audio (rubbing against clothes) cleaning up dirty camera audio and noise like hum or air conditioning
    • Always expanding database of videos
    • Access to an exclusive online community filled with like-minded individuals
    • Student discounts on your favorite products such as: 
      • Adobe CC (over 60% off regular membership!)
      • Red Giant
      • Glidecam
      • Artlist.io
      • Soundstripe
      • Rhino Sliders
      • Library of Sound Effects
      • And more!

    What is the Filmmaker's Guide to Audio?
    It's an all inclusive, take-at-your-own-pace, lifetime accessible resource for you to learn anything and everything audio: recording, microphones, placement of microphones, hiding lav microphones, cleaning up dirty audio, whether it's AC hum, scratchy clothes, etc. mixing audio, mastering audio, getting your videos to the proper loudness, and of course any other questions you may have.

    I'm here to help you as your mentor and guide. My goal is to for you as a filmmaker to take your productions to the next level, and it's not uncommon for audio to be the key factor holding films back from feeling professional. 

What People Are Saying:

“I am currently in film school and though I am enrolled in "film courses" I really haven't learned much. I am pleased to say though that just after 20 minutes into your [course] it taught me so much more than the last 2 semesters.”


“Brenden’s audio course for filmmakers is hands down the best purchase I made last year for my business. No amount of gear could replace what I’ve learned from this course. In fact, better gear would have been a waste of time and money without knowing what I know now. This course paid for itself within 2 weeks of purchase. I hadn’t even gotten to the halfway point in the material, but I had a shoot where the audio sounded like crap because of a simple mistake I made. With what I learned I was able to SAVE THE AUDIO from the shoot! I didn’t have to reschedule the client (nearly impossible never mind embarrassing) which would have cost me about the same as I paid for the course. I just followed the steps and salvaged a useable product. The rest of the course hammered home some of the things I have been searching for years for someone to teach me in a way I understood. If you record vocals for your videos, either at the time or in post, you can’t afford to miss this. I finished the course about 12 months ago, and I use Brenden’s technique every time I shoot a client video. It has improved the quality of my work in a way most of my competition doesn’t even understand. Clients may not be able to put their finger on the difference, but they know something has changed and it’s been a big boost to my business. I routinely fill my calendar AND I’ve doubled my rates. Would I recommend this course to other videographers? Absolutely. End of story. Honestly dude, your course cleared up audio for me in a way I can’t even describe, and I legit stopped worrying so much about the ‘competition’ in my rural area because we’re not even in the same league anymore, So thank you.”

Andrew Newton

“This is gold! Just bought the course last night and already learning so much.”

Chris S

“This class is exactly what I was looking for. I've always wanted to feel more comfortable with sound on our productions and this is already giving me the confidence. I just got to the portion of the course where you are breaking down EQ and it is so helpful! I was able to apply some tips you gave on boom and lav placement on our shoot last Thursday.”

Aven P

“I'm very happy because the worst part of my videos is always audio. And I've checked thousands of Youtube videos and more to figure this out and I haven't improved anything. Thank you very much for creating this course and for letting me be part of it!”


“I'm a man with many hats and I actually majored in Sound Recording Technology in college so I can honestly say Brenden knows WTF he's talking about, and I love the techniques he shows in this program. I went to college for 2 years and he literally teaches you everything I learned in just one day”

Brandon F

“So glad I found this course! I shoot real estate videos, client testimonials, promo videos, etc. I'm not even done with the technical section and I've already got my money's worth! No joke. I was able to clean up some audio that I thought was beyond saving.”


“I mainly got the class, not as a filmmaker (although I dabble), but as someone who is interested in the audio for film (location/post). I needed to find something to get my feet wet and give some guidelines as to how to go about recording on location and mixing. your class has been a perfect primer for that!!”

Cody C

“Super informative and very entertaining. I laugh harder at your lessons than most sitcoms!”

Chris C

“I just finished the course. I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned and all I can say is thank you. You’ve taken a topic usually foreign to video guys and translated into simple actionable steps. I was improving my audio on work projects before I was done the second module. It was worth more than I paid for it at that point, and now that I've finished it’s obvious that it was worth it’s weight in gold. If you’re a starting out/solo/small crew videographer you need to know what Brenden’s teaching. Your audience may never thank you for better audio, but they will call you a professional. And in a business built on reputation ‘professional’ quality can make all the difference. My business is taking off in no small part because of this course. It was the ‘missing link’ to polish my videos. No one notices good audio. Everyone notices bad audio. I’ve tripled my rates this spring and clients are still calling to book me months away.”

Jared B

“Big up for the course. Not only have I learnt an incredible amount, the community is awesome to lean on and give back when I can. Not to mention Red Giant and Apple discounts.....SERIOUSLY, the course has paid back 100 times. So thank you. I feel like the value of your course went above beyond.”

Jack Chapman

“Bought the course a few hours ago and I'm loving it. Definitely what I needed.”


“I cannot stress how much this course is helping me. I’m currently in school for broadcast and film communication but I learned 90% from you and only if 10% from college lol.!”

Kishan L

“Hey Brendan, I am one of your audio students. I just wanted to say thanks for the course, I find myself laughing a lot during the lectures and appreciate that, certainly helps the learning!”

Benjamin N

“After watching one video on microphones: "This is worth all the money AND MORE"”

Drew W